1.       Gases & Gas Mixture

 Industrial Gases (Packaged Gases/Bulk Gases)

  1.              Oxygen
  2.              Nitrogen
  3.              Argon
  4.              Carbon Dioxide
  5.              Dissolved Acetylene
  6.              Hydrogen
  7.              Helium
  8.              Compressed Air

Industrial Gases are offered to our customers in liquid or gaseous states either in tankers or cylinders of various sizes. These gases are used in industrial applications such as smelting, steelmaking, semiconductor, fertilizer, oil refineries etc.

Ultra High Purity Gases ( Click to Download )

We offer UHP grade gases like electronic grade and commercial grade to meet the customer application. Our gases are consistent in purity and ensures trouble free operation for the customer.

Gas Mixtures

Gas mixtures like (Ar + CO2, Ar + N2, Ar + O2, Ar +H2 etc) are available from us. These gases are in conformity with the international quality standards. These gases are packaged in cylinders of various sizes to meet the demand of the customers.

Calibration Gases

Calibration gases are provided to our customers with preparation tolerance and certification accuracy as per requirement and best industry standard. These gases are used by many industries for their requirement.

  1. 2.       On-Site  Gas  Production Plant

As an alternative to traditional bulk gas and liquid supplied either in cylinders or tankers respectively, Bhagawati Oxygen Limited, builds and operates variety of on-site gas production plants for the production of oxygen, nitrogen, argon etc.

We offer complete line of efficient and reliable on-site gas production systems in sizes ranging from 100 cu.m per hour. Our on-site plant systems have following salient features:

  • the onsite systems are owned by us, and as such the customer doesn’t have to make any capital expenditure.
  • responsibility for operation and maintenance is ours.
  •  latest design and technology to satisfy and optimize the customer requirement.
  1. 3.       Gas Handling And  Distribution System

Bhagawati Oxygen Limited design and sells gas handling and distribution system to fit the exact need of the customer whether big or small. We offer a complete range of handling and distribution equipments viz. storage system, flow meters, regulators, manifolds, PRS, control panels, any system that delivers to the specific requirement of the client.


  1. 4.       Turnkey  Contracting  Solutions  (EPC)

Bhagawati Oxygen Ltd. provides turnkey contracting solutions which includes Design, Engineering, and Construction for process plants viz. air separation plants, cross-country gas pipeline systems, cryogenic liquid storage and gas handling system etc.


  1. 5.       Renewable Energy

Bhagawati Oxygen Limited have installed wind turbine for harnessing wind energy to generate electricity. These wind turbines are installed in South India with proven technology from Vestas head quartered in Denmark, a global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy with superior cost-effective wind technologies, products and services. Our company is working hard to address the growing demand of electricity and at the same time helping to keep our planet green.

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Bhagawati Oxygen Ltd

Bhagawati Gases Limited was incorporated as a Public Ltd. Company on 16th November, 1974 with its Registered Office in West Bengal and obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business on 10th Dec, 1974 from Registrar of Companies, WB.

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